Conference: Those. Othering, Alterity, Appropriation in Ancient Art

The aim of the conference is to consider dealing with others in the Roman period. It explores the contexts of othering and alterity, questions the categories, such as: center and periphery and the reversal of this view in different contexts. It ultimately investigates the self-positioning of those presenting others, as well as the positioning of today’s scientific perspectives.

Chairs of sessions: SessionMichael Antonakis, Dominik Bonatz, Otmar Jaeggi, Martina Seifert

Presenters: Hyun Jin Kim – Melbourne, Richard Posamentir – Tübingen, Ljuben Tevdovski – Skopje, Lilian Adlung-Schönheit – Hamburg, Richard Kendall – Edinburgh, Gretel Rodríguez – Providence, Rhode Island, Kristina E. Fleischmann – Erlangen, Burkhard Emme – Berlin, Jacobus Bracker – Hamburg, Savannah Bishop – Istanbul, Lorenz Winkle Horacek – Berlin, Grzegorz First – Krakow, Victor Humennyi – Lviv ,Tatiana Tereshchenko – Moscow, Diwakar Kumar Singh – Darbhanga.