The Institute

The Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology (ICHA) is a proactive scientific and cultural hub that connects academics, practitioners, policymakers and interested publics on global scale. Through research, excavation, education, promotion and cooperation we would like to contribute to a better understanding of past and future human behavior. The Institute pursues global research on different aspects of archaeology, history, anthropology, culture and heritage studies and cultural tourism and advocates for professionalism and setting standards in archaeological practice and heritage management.



Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology (ICHA) is an international focal point of scientific and cultural exchange, with a history spanning over two decades. Initiated in the year 1998 in the UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Site, the ancient town of Ohrid, under the wider auspices of the Pro-Culture Movement, the Institute and its associates were involved in numerous global, European and regional cultural initiatives and projects that promote new approaches in cultural heritage, cultural diversity and intercultural learning.

In the year 2008, separating its structures and priorities from the related International Cultural Relations Institute, Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology (ICHA) gained new additionally focused approach, fuller capacities and quality in its work on the research, education, collaboration and promotions in the fields of cultural heritage and archaeology.

Today, Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology (ICHA) represents a well established forum for global scholarly debate, professional exchange and introduction of novel initiatives and perspectives worldwide. The Institute publishes the Journal of Archaeology, History and Anthropology, and the Newsletter The Archaeologist’s Fieldnotes, connecting academics with well established reputation, younger scholars, practitioners, policymakers and interested publics worldwide.  


ICHA Policies

ICHA promotes the highest standards of conduct, dedication and scientific and professional excellence, which are required from our affiliates and related scientists and practitioners in the interests of the wider public and in the pursuit of the study of the evidence and care of the human past and understanding of the past and future human behavior.

ICHA stands and continues to work for enhancement of the understanding of millennial human activity upon the natural world. The institutes believes that our contemporary living environments represent a direct product of this interactive process between nature and culture, and that the understanding of the principles and patterns of this constant transformative movement will enhance both the historic environments and our contemporary living conditions.

ICHA stands and continues to work for enhancement of the understanding of shared heritage, cultural diversity and human past. The Institute supports and promotes the efforts of archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and professionals involved in related scientific disciplines, whose work provides this result.

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