Archaeology and Power DGUF Conference – Berlin

On the Conference Archaeology and Power in Berlin, more than 50 participants engaged with contributions of 30 speakers from seven countries during inspiring four days. The program addressed different aspects of Archaeology and Power. This short overview of the Conference and its focuses and discussions evolving from them can be followed on social media and some of them were filmed and are available on YouTube.


The headlines of the DFUG Conference were as follows:

  1. History and stories of power – Past experiences
  2. Creating archaeology near to the powers
  3. Law and power in practical archaeology
  4. Citizen Science and civil participation
  5. Museums: Gatekeeper, debate setter, playthings?
  6. Debates on power between discipline and civil society
  7. Case studies: citizens make archaeology
  8. Discourses on power in talking and writing about archaeology
  9. Archaeology in the struggle for influence
  10. Consequences of precariat and (economic) uncertainty
  11. Research policy, national and European Agenda


This years DGUF conference on “Archaeology and Power – Positionings for the future of researching the past” was a follow-up of last year‘s meeting in Tübingen which had resulted in the Tübingen Theses on Archaeology.