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ICHA Board Chairman and the President of European Association of Archaeologists Keynote Speakers on the Berlin Archaeological Conference

Outstanding lectures, exchange of experiences and fruitful discussions on relevant archaeological topics on the Conference ‘Archaeology and Power – Positioning for the future of researching the past’ organized by the German Archaeological Society for Prehistory and Protohistory in Berlin                                           more


ICHA Board Members chairing a Session on the 23rd annual Macedonia Romania Italy Sessionmeeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

Professor Dragos Gheorghiu from the National University of arts in Bucharest, Romania and Dr. Andrea Vianello, an expert of Mediterranean archaeology and Late Bronze age from University of Florida  chaired the session Present identities from the past: providing a meaning to modern communities’.                   more


ICHA Board member candidate for Secretary General of the European Association of Archaeologists   

 Dr. Gerry Wait in international expert in archaeology and heritage management with thirty years of experience. He served as Chairman and still serves as Board Director of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. He was also Co-chair of the Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and member of the editorial board of the Society of American Archaeology’s Advances in Archaeological Practice Journal.        more


ICHA Board Chairman speaks on the session ‘Archaeology and the European far-right’ at the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

The lecture of His Excellency Professor Ljuben Tevdovski under the title ‘We are followers on the same muse, pardon me scientific discipline. Their script is just not up-dated yet!’


ICHA Board Chairman and the President of the World Archaeological Congress Koji Mizoguchi, on the discussion on the place of archaeologists in global affairs

The WAC President emphasized that the world archaeological organizations can play a significant role because such organizations are meant to be highly inclusive and have established their shared images to be politically conscious and active. The current condition of globalization and the proliferation of fragmentation in self-identification and epistemic-ontological frameworks were also discussed among the collocutors of the session that shared some concrete examples and personal positive experiences.     more


ICHA Professionals on International Program Developers’ training sessions inEuropean Academy 3 Geneva and Brussels

Ms. Angela Sokoloska, The Secretary of Editorial Board of the ICHA’s Journal of Archaeology History and Anthropology successfully completed the two-years European Leadership Academy in Brussels, Belgium. 


ICHA joins the International Museum Workers Day global community 

Global community of heritage and museum professionals — including: artists, scholars, art historians, scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, curators, filmmakers, performance artists, designers & many other — whose expertise, years of experiences and dedication help create, discover, preserve, and disseminate our tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage.



AIAC BonICHA Board Chairman the participate on the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology

In a paper with a title ‘Deciphering and interpreting the economic and social transformation and challenges through the research of the Roman solar cults, deities and rituals’ Professor Ljuben Tevdovski will analyze the mindsets and policies created in reaction to the economic set-backs and political crises in Late antiquity.


HE PlevneshICHA Board member elected Secretary General of Academia Balkanica Europeana

His Excellency Jordan Plevnes is also known as writer with international reputation, author of theatre dramas published and performed in more than 50 countries all over the world



ArtlinkThe Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology coordinates the coalition of 13 museum organizations

Cooperation with Balkan Museum Network and other European initiatives, groups and experts



christian archaeologyICHA Scientific Board members to make a presentation on the 17th International Congress of Christian Archaeology in Utrecht, Netherlands

Floral and Zoomorphic Motifs in South Balkans Early Christian Art as Indicators for the Process of Shaping of Early Christian Dogma in the Wider Spiritual Koinē



ThailandICHA Board Member presents Lifetime Achievement Award to the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn is scholar in oriental epigraphy, archaeology, Sanskrit and Pali and strong supporter of archaeological and anthropological research.                  more


CE TAGThe Chairman of the ICHA Scientific Board gives a presentation to the CE TAG at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

4th Central European Theoretical Archaeology Group aims to provide the a new framework for understanding Disciplinarity in Archaeology


Archaeoloy ChinaICHA Professional on an international Heritage Exchange in China

Experienced anthropologists and cultural management Aleksandar Ristevski visited numerous archaeological and anthropological institutions and sites in Ningbo, China



INALCOThe Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology lectures on ‘Migration and Heritage’ in INALCO – Paris

Through presentations, lectures, discussions and debates, the eminent historians, anthropologists, political scientists, sociologists, linguists, philosophers, writers, artists and art directors managed to provoke all sorts of new ways of seeing the important interactions of art and migrations.



ICHA Meeting with Maria Gurova,  the National Secretary of the the Archaeological Institute and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and a long-serving member of the EAA Executive.


Scherzler Tevdovski 

ICHA Meeting with President Deane Scherzler and Professor Frank Siegmund from the German Archaeological Association Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte DGUF.